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Metaverse virtual world and NFT based games go together, with the blockchain providing the perfect platform for users to play to earn, with real fiat money or cryptocurrency, for NFT proof of ownership from gaming - and we have ALL the information for you. Gamers can use an exchange like Binance to buy and store their cryptocurrency on the blockchain (an example of this would be Ethereum) and earn crypto by playing.

Non-fungible token games and play to earn on the blockchain
You could buy Bitcoin on the blockchain with earnings from NFT games.

In the NFT blockchain space, games we like the look of so far include Illuvium and Wolf Game. While there are established games like Axie Infinity with lots of features and a huge community, many upcoming NFT games are still being developed and are reviewed on arrival in the reviews section.

UPDATE 8 July 2022 - MOUSE HAUNT AND DERACE, Reviews are here ! and now so is the new EMBER SWORD GAME.

Look out for the superb DeRace horse racing game.
Above - DeRace.


The top nft games pundits are rambling on that the coins could start climbing soon. We have a view, but won't say for legal reasons what we think. What do you think of the current crypto situation with the coin prices? Let us know via the contact page!

Ok well here we are at the end of the month and some gaming coins seem to be getting some benefit from a 7% or there abouts, increase in the value of bitcoin over the last 30 hours. Our reading tends (but not always) to show that the alt coins associated with the NFT gaming arena move with bitcoin, with some youtuber actually stating this in his crypto videos as a feature to look out for as though its a prediction of some kind.
Either way - keep your eye on the alt coin scene on the major exchanges, because you can determine for yourself whether there is a pattern to this coin value movement which is of interest to you.

WOWOW - some of the games out there have seen their tokens lose MASSIVE value in the last few months or so. Many argue that its nothing to worry about because even the likes of bitcoin is diving. We look at this as really quite a bad thing because - for example - one drop we looked at has gone from $2.60+ per coin to a staggaring $0.20 and below. You couldn't make this up - the coins have dropped in value incredibly and how is the market going to be able to handle this? And how does this kind of performance affect the overall P2E industry - we will find out.

If you have seen a game token which is available for exchange to USD on any of the major exchanges since the date of this post above, which has INCREASED in value - we want to hear about it - let us know using the contact form!

What does NFT mean?

NFT means (stands for) Non-Fungible Token. A non-fungible token is a unique, encoded identifier which cannot be exchanged for anything of the same identitiy - as by definition - it is unique. If you own the token, then you are the proven owner of the item assigned to it on the blockchain, such as a top NFT work of art in the form of a JPG, or an in-game item like a character or plot of land.

Note that if you screen dump a copy of a JPG assigned to an NFT which belongs to someone else, as identified on the blockchain, you are not the owner of the JPG, the person who completed the last blockchain transaction is still the owner and can therefore provide proof of ownership (with tokens) as a certificate of authenticity of the JPG if requested.

What does NFT mean in gaming?

NFT's in gaming means that the player can actually own an item within the game being played. For example a player can have a special sword, and they own that sword.

At some point the owner may want to sell the NFT to another player for crypto. Additionally, some NFT's have smart contracts which also specify that the original person who minted the NFT (and in some cases other re-sellers) can profit a percentage of any onward sales made off the NFT.

Is there a free NFT game?

There are a number of free NFT games available. NFT gaming is so new, that free games are being created constantly to attract new players. Be aware though that in certain games the game is free-to-play but the NFT's cost money.

Some notable free NFT games which are here or on their way are Guild of Guardians, Chainmonsters and My Master War, all of which state they are free to play.

What networks are the coins on?

A major irritation of ours is that the games use different networks for their coins. This irritation isn't the fault of the game as such, but it makes it (for us) a complete and total pain in the rear because it means you often have to have different coin types stored in your wallet (for example metamask) on different networks, and often getting these different currencies in there to start buying in-game NFTs, costs real money.

Wouldn't it be great if they all ran on one network with a single gaming coin? What are your thoughts - let us know.

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